Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Introducing Eddie & Falcons (release 1974)

introducing eddie & falcons
Is it a nod and wink pastiche, a half baked potpourri, a snogging tribute or woody's first comedy album?
  1. Intro/Eddy's Rock- Eddie Cochrane/"Raunchy"- like instrumental, a little too sterile, no balls, probably came off better live in concert, ya think?
  2. Brand New 88 - was it a rip off or parody of The Move's "California Man"? A little more life and this could have swung, man!
  3. You Got Me Runnin'- never was a fan of those twee teen idols between Army Elvis and the Beatles, it's a clever knock off but again, no balls, too sterile
  4. I Dun Lotsa Cryin Over You - very Elvis Presley & The Jordainaires, actually it's a shame Elvis never recorded or performed this number himself, lotsa love in this performance, nothing sterile here.
  5. This Is The Story Of My Love (baby) - phil spectorish, lush, great percussion and horns and multi layer vocals, great humour, actually close to "Angel Fingers", being more in Wizzard of chart fame, the unconvential choice of instrument (oboes) for solo, the long extended solos at end of song
  6. Everyday I Wonder - Del Shannon rewrite - was this Jeff Lynne's fave album track? excellent middle bit with the funky clavinet - bassoon and oboes again and then, more clavinet - actually an excellent Wizzard album track, perhaps one of Wizzard's best LP tracks, could have been right at home on Message From The Country - nice ending with mellotron, right?
  7. Crazy Jeans - is Bob Brady singing? Stray Cats or Reverend Horton Heat could have fun with this, nice rockabilly number, real funny, too, all guitar, bass & drums
  8. Come Back Karen - Oy. Neil Sedaka land folks. Is it ear-delicious? personally one of the only cringe tracks on album. You can tell how much Roy got into each and every track on this album, even the tracks you might personally reckon to be a clunker. Nothing was a throwaway to this man. It sounds like a throwaway but listen again and you can hear the care and love.
  9. We're Gonna Rock'n'Roll Tonight - Nice and gritty and messy, ah the Wizzrd we really know and love! Bob Brady and Roy get in one their fantastic vocal tradeoffs with a real Wizzard sounding track that would sound at home on Wizzard's Brew. Perhaps this was how Mongrel sounded before Woody poached their members. If the original idea of including a nightclub jazz set for the album was allowed, you would still have to end the album with this number. Wizzard could trad jazz and bebop unlike many rock outfits of the day but they could really rock and really roll over teeny bopper and prog rock bands into the ground. They could swing, man, they had groove. Ah, well a couple of years later, Wizzard was for the most part done, "Wizzo" (aka as "Main Street") was recorded and shelved by the Arden machine as being uncommercial (i.e., we don't know how to sell this to fifteen year old kids, young housewives or anybody else with disposable income, so write something that'll make our jobs easier will ya?), which had to be a great kick in the teeth to Woody.


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